Car theft on the rise: rely on secure parking and video surveillance

In Italy there are more and more cases of car theft and fewer cases of car recovery. According to the data, only in Italy, about 287 cars per day are subject to theft with a finding threshold that drops below 40%. Taking into consideration the year 2019 we are faced with a very high number of thefts, and in most cases (about 65,000 cars) the tracks were completely lost.

Stolen cars are marketed in foreign markets and are also an important source for the black market for spare parts.
The cars are resold as used or dismantled cars within a few hours, so no trace remains.
Sicily continues to remain on the list of the most numerous cases in Italy and has almost 13,000 thefts.
With new technologies and with the use of hi-tech devices, it only takes 30 seconds to mock the car's protection systems and therefore appropriate them.
The fight to protect the vehicle continues to be carried out by our system but in some cases, it would be much more useful to take a few additional measures and protect yourself.
Among some important rules, that of always relying on safe and certified parking.
Do not leave your car in the first parking lot you happen to find on the way. In fact, many of these activities are illegal and favor unpleasant events for your safety.

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When you move away from your car, it is essential that you move without having concerns about the safety of your car.
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