Wrapping and luggage weights

Luggage security service at the car park in Catania

Protect your luggage so you do not have any nasty surprises. With Fast Parking you can do it and agree! Through a special machine, each bag is wrapped with a fully recyclable and non-toxic protective film, useful for hygienic purposes, and to preserve suitcases from possible damages and theft.

Additionally, I added the luggage service. In fact, you can independently weigh your luggage with a special machine. Machine operation is simple. With the coin placed, you will have 1 minute in hand to weigh your luggage.

For any information or doubt you can easily consult our operators. We will be happy to answer you and assist you for a complete service at our car parks. Weighing your bags before your departure can help you get to check-in much more smoother. Very often the weight of the suitcases is precisely what worries passengers most during the check. Ours is a professional machine, the weight supplied is precise and safe. You can leave from Catania airport without having any worries.
Wrapping luggage in protective film is also a very popular service. The film will allow your luggage to have greater safety against bumps, accidental opening or any forcing by malicious people. As already stated, the film is completely recyclable.

In addition to the luggage weighing and wrapping service, we also help you unload your suitcases from the car. Once you arrive at the Fast Parking car park at Catania airport, all you have to do is provide your booking number which will arrive in your mailbox immediately after booking the parking online.
Once you have indicated your reservation number and your details, you will be given your outdoor or covered parking space based on your reservation. From there, our staff will take care of satisfying all your requests by helping you unload your luggage and accompany you to the departures area.

Parking at Catania Airport