A new Metro for Catania

In Sicily, work is progressing considerably for a new important project: that of connecting the center of Catania with the Fontanarossa airport.

About 1,200 meters of tunnel have already been built out of 2,177 planned and the excavation is expected to be completed by the first half of 2020. The Cmc group is proceeding with the works using a TBM mechanical mole, renamed "Agate" in homage to the patron saint of the city, which proceeds at an average speed of five meters per day.

At the end of the excavations currently underway, the project to upgrade the Circumetnea Railway and the construction of eight new stations is planned. The project therefore specifically envisages the progressive transformation of the current narrow gauge line into an ordinary and electrified, high frequency and high capacity one.

Continuing the works steadily, it is expected to complete the entire underground project which provides for the connection between the center of Catania for kilometers to the airport, by 2025.

The president of the region pointed out that this project is a work of great social impact, as it will allow for future fast and absolutely non-polluting mobility, in line with the most important European cities. The construction of this infrastructure will increase not only the well-being of citizens but also that of the environment by drastically reducing pollution levels. The connection with the university districts is excellent, as future stops will be located near the universities and will be an exceptional convenience for students. 

Speaking of the Stesicoro-Airport section, specifically it will have the function of connecting the urban center of Catania with the Fontanarossa airport, allowing interchange with other means of transport. Seventeen additional traction units (double-composition trains) that will come into operation with the opening of the new subway section, each 39 meters long, with a maximum speed of 120 kilometers per hour. The possibility of continuing the project is supported by the contribution of the European Commission.

Catania Fontanarossa airport

Catania-Fontanarossa Airport is in sixth place in the national ranking for passenger traffic. In Sicily, in fact, it is not Palermo airport that is the most crowded, but rather Catania. In fact, the latter has the primacy for the influx of passengers who go there every day.

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