Where we are

Fast s.r.l. Associated with the Fast Parking network and ParkinGo., Is located in Via Brucoli 2 just 5 minutes from Catania Fontanarossa airport.

How to reach us:

Leaving the ring road, descending from the overpass you will come to a roundabout where there is a barracks on the right

At this roundabout, turn left, go along the whole tree-lined avenue until you reach a roundabout where there is a red plane.

Turn right along the Parisi bar and after about 150m on the right side of the road you will find the entrance to the Fast Parking & Parking.

Once you have entered the car park and checked in the car you will be immediately accompanied directly to the departures without having to walk any meters, as well as to return, prior to your return, call as soon as you get off the plane

Our business philosophy is to meet all the needs of our customers in all the activities we offer. The multiplicity of services that our company has managed to guarantee, simplifies departures in the airport area and provides great comfort to its customers. Fast Parking opportunities come from charter rental, at the service of "Fast Parking".

It is on the latter that we want to draw your attention. Fast and secure parking is provided by specialized personnel who will take delivery of the vehicle in our airplane, adjacent to the airport, to safely and safely maintain the vehicle safely; In fact, in addition to providing 9-speed minivan transfer directly to departures, we are also able to offer additional services: from simple manual washing, refueling and engine maintenance.

In short, you will not need to arrive at the airport hours before your departure. And everything will be even simpler if our customer already owns the "Fast Parking Card" that can be issued as "personal" or "corporate". The "Fast Parking Card" (which can also be prepaid) helps to speed up the way we use our services.

The "Card" can be used to pay for everything. In this way you will no longer have the problem of having to anticipate cash. The "Fast Parking" service is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at Vincenzo Bellini Airport in Catania.

Parking at Catania Airport

Parking in Catania - Contacts

Do you need to book a parking space at Catania airport? Make your reservation online, or contact Fast Parking! We will be happy to provide you with any information!