Take care of your car with a multifunctional parking in Catania

If you are leaving from Catania or you are near the airport and do not know where to park, you will be pleased to be aware of our service. Fast Parking is an internationally known company that offers guarantees and security for your car with an inimitable parking service.

Fast Parking is located five minutes from Catania airport and offers you a large number of secure parking spaces that are constantly monitored by our operators. All this will allow you to leave your car without any worries and to leave the airport in a quiet and relaxed way.

Our company has thought of every detail in the organization of the service, our staff is always active and our video surveillance system is operating 24 hours a day.

There is also the availability of an active shuttle at any time to take you from your parking lot to the airport and vice versa. This service is completely free as it is included in the parking price.

We can define our "multifunctional" parking, that's why:

Fast Parking not only offers you a place for your car but also has numerous services to take care of your car during your absence.

In fact, if additional services are requested, Fast Parking will be able to apply additional conveniences that will take care of the appearance and safety of your car.

Among our services:

Full of fuel before your return

You should have refueled your car before you left but you didn't have the time? Don't worry, we will do it and prepare your car for the day you return. You will decide the most appropriate amount or quantity of refueling, we will satisfy your requests.

Car wash while on vacation

Would you like to find your super clean car on your return? Excellent, we also take care of this! Our car wash service uses technological systems capable of eliminating odors or dirt residues. We remove the dust from the interior upholstery and throughout the interior. In addition, we disinfect the driving bridge and the entire dashboard to make you find the car in perfect condition.

Check the general condition of your car while you are away

Sometimes, taken by the frenzy of the journey, you forget to have your car checked: Fast Parking also thinks about this! We check for any abnormal lights to come on and take care to check that all the main functions of your car are in place. We have a complete diagnostic check up for you to guarantee all the safety you need while driving.

Just ask for one or all of these services when the car is released, or contact us in time later. We are of the opinion that those who travel should enjoy every moment of their stay, without bringing with them thoughts that can disturb their relaxation.

Fast Parking has also thought of any eventuality, we are in fact equipped with any equipment for the protection of your car and we offer you concrete solutions to any type of problem. Unpleasant surprises can always be hidden around the corner. Does your car not start on your return? No problem, our technicians will be able to perform a reset in case of battery drop and in case of unexpected events like this, our intervention is absolutely free.

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Or, if you need more information, contact us immediately at the following number (+39) 348 1600328.

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