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Did you delay and risk losing your flight? It happens often, but we have the solution to this problem. With Fast Parking in Catania you have the convenience of leaving home, arriving at the Catania Fontanarossa Airport and leaving your car in front of the entrance doors safely, to a qualified driver.

All you have to do is get off the car, let the operator download the suitcases and go straight to the check-in. Imagine returning your vehicle to you in front of the ready delivery: without losing a minute you're already on the road to home.
This is the Fast Parking Car Valet in Catania, the service that allows you to deliver and pick up your car directly at the Fontanarossa Airport and entrust your car to a qualified operator.

The Car Valet service at Catania airport is in great demand by our parking attendants. Taking a flight, in this way becomes really simple especially when you organize your departure independently!
Organizing your trip requires numerous precautions and difficulties usually arise right when you park your car. It is good to consider always showing up at the airport well in advance and then evaluating where to leave the vehicle which, we remind you, will remain unattended throughout your absence! With Fast Parking all this does not happen! Thanks to our service you will not have to worry about the safety of your car!

When you leave your car keys to a member of our staff, you rely on real professionals in the sector. Our business has been operating for more than 15 years. We are not just any parking company but we are internationally recognized.
Fast Parking is an official car park at Catania airport, our staff is made up solely of highly qualified and reliable professionals. If you want to add the Car Valet service for your car, just select it at the time of booking. Once the date has been entered, you will see all the services available at our car park.To get a free quote or to book a parking space, fill out the form below now!

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