Feast of Sant'Agata 2020: Parking in Catania

The Festa di Sant'Agata is the most important religious festival that is celebrated in the city of Catania. Agata is the patron saint of the city and this Saint is remembered at various times throughout the year.

In February, this anniversary sees the participation of millions of people, tourists and citizens of Catania devoted to the patron saint who participate in many particularly suggestive customs connected to very ancient historical traditions.

The feast of Sant'Agata is lived very intensely and it is not a coincidence among the most important Catholic religious holidays.

The origins of the veneration of Sant'Agata are very ancient and this cult is still alive today more than ever. The festival takes place every year from 3 to 5 February, 12 February and 17 August. The anniversary of February is linked to the martyrdom of the Saint from Catania which dates back to the year 252, the year in which there are the first testimonies of a strong popular devotion towards this virgin, who was devoted to martyrdom in order to defend her honor and do not deny his faith.

The August data instead, recalls the return to Catania of his remains, after these had been stolen and brought to Constantinople by the Byzantine general Giorgio Maniace as spoils of war and where they remained for 86 years.

Parking in Catania

During the festive period, Catania gets really crowded. In addition to citizen participation, the city sees a huge number of tourists arriving from all over the world. On the occasion of Sant'Agata there is the participation of more than one million people. Taking part in this celebration is something unique and intensely spiritual and we recommend that you participate at least once in this incredible party.

In view of the holidays, finding parking becomes a difficult task as you come across real traffic jams of cars and public transport, plus there is to consider in the main Italian cities almost all the parking spaces in the center are paid , or reserved for residents and, with the claim limited by the party, the situation becomes even more problematic.

Finding parking in fact becomes really difficult and you need to resort to alternative solutions to avoid waiting endless hours in search of the ideal parking which is neither too expensive nor too far from the place you are visiting.

The most useful tips for parking in the city

Ask a local person for information. It sounds trivial, but the best way to find out where to park in a big city without getting around is to ask a local.

Always pay attention to the allowed times. It often happens that you leave your car overnight in a parking lot where the village market is held the following morning. At that point you could find yourself among the stalls to understand where the car went. Usually, it is in the parking lot of some garage, taken away by the city police. The bill? Fine plus withdrawal of the coachbuilder. Watch out for signs before leaving your car for one night especially near anniversaries like this, which see the presence of processions and events

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From Catania Airport to the center by bus

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Sant’Agata 2020 program

The Feast of Sant'Agata takes place from 3 to 5 February but in reality Catania is engaged in numerous events for over a month, starting from January 8 until February 12

The celebrations

The day of February 3 opens with the procession for the offer of the wax which involves the donation of candles to request protection from the saint. There is the presence of numerous citizens and tourists but also some of the highest religious and institutional offices in the city. This first day ends in Piazza Duomo with the traditional fireworks display of the fires of the evening of February 3.

The religious feast

The real religious feast begins on the morning of February 4 with the Mass of Aurora, during which the procession of the reliquary bust of Saint Agatha takes place, along the "external tour" of the city, until returning to the Cathedral Basilica at first light dawn.

Throughout the day of February 5, the reliquary bust of Sant'Agata is displayed at the Cathedral and in the afternoon, it is carried again in procession for the "internal tour" which ended in the late morning of February 6.

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Parking at Catania Airport

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