Car wash with Fast Parking: get a shiny car body

Do you need a complete car wash? Discover Fast Parking. Ours is a parking company at Catania airport. In addition to parking, we provide a series of additional services for you and your car. You will get a flawless wash and your car will be completely sanitized from top to bottom.

How the car is washed

Fast Parking Catania offers a manual vehicle washing and sterilization service with car decontamination, elimination of molds, smoke, bacteria, fungi. We return the car in "aseptic" hygienic conditions. From upholstery to mats, from roof to dashboard including storage compartments, windows and air conditioning.

Car washing is a very popular service for parking attendants who love to find the car clean and sanitized upon their return. We take care of this service while the vehicle is parked. We will take care of your car during your absence.

Cleaning of the interior cabin

The interior cleaning of the car is done manually by our qualified operators. Caring for the interior takes time and attention. We will take care of every corner of the passenger compartment without neglecting any detail. For proper cleaning and sanitation, we will take care of the seats, upholstery and any cracks inside the car. There are also some plastic surfaces in almost all vehicles. The latter are very delicate and prone to wear, for this reason aggressive detergents should not be used. We will carry out an effective but at the same time delicate cleaning. Your car will be clean and fragrant and on your return we assure you that you will be pleasantly surprised.

The rules for a shiny car body

We employ highly qualified staff to sanitize the car. The car wash will be carried out by professionals who will make your bodywork truly shiny. For a good car wash it is advisable to always use the right products. Here are some important rules to get a shiny body:

  • Park the car in the shade: avoid washing the car in direct sunlight. Heat can hinder proper cleaning of the exterior.
  • Remove dirt: before starting with any product, it is advisable to remove the dirt covering the car using a simple jet of water. Attention the jet must always be weak and not under strong pressure otherwise the paint could be damaged.
  • Start with the wheels: this is usually the dirtiest part. It is recommended to start here to prevent the rinsed soil from ending up on the already cleaned bodywork again.
  • Rub the exterior: at this point, after removing the dirt, you can start scrubbing the bodywork with a sponge soaked in soapy water. Always be gentle and don't apply too much pressure.
  • Beware of water droplets: always make sure that the entire car remains wet for the duration of the entire work. As you move from one section to another, it is important to use the garden hose to wet the entire car and prevent water droplets from drying on the bodywork leaving stains. You must be able to dry the car with rags before the air does. Always choose perfectly clean clothes for drying.
  • Extra tips: if you want to give the final touch, you can decide to apply the wax and carry out a water repellent treatment on the windows that can repel water and humidity.

Car care during your absence

During your trip we will take care of your car in every way. First of all our operators will move it to a shady place in the area where all the equipment and tools for washing are present. Washing the car in the shade is very important since the sun heats the bodywork a lot, making soap and water evaporate more quickly and leaving annoying streaks. If you have requested this service, therefore, remember to leave your car keys with us before leaving! In fact, Fast Parking also allows parking attendants to take their car keys with them, but if services such as car washing or maintenance are required, our operators must be able to move the car without difficulty.

Do you want to book a parking space in Catania?

For safe and cheap parking in Catania, choose Fast Parking! We will take care of your car and provide you with safe and secure parking. Our indoor and outdoor parking spaces are constantly monitored and guarded by video. Your car will be in good hands! To book your parking, simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page by entering the parking date.

How to select the car wash service

Selecting additional services in addition to parking such as car wash, is simple. At the time of booking, after entering the date and time of the stop, just click on "Book" and you will see information and prices but also a series of options that can be selected according to your needs.

You will be able to choose which additional services to request for your car and you will get a free quote that will summarize all the costs.

Do you want to discover all our services? Create your quote now by filling out the form below. Parking at Catania airport with Fast Parking is really convenient!

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