Night departure at the airport: here's what you need to know

Are you about to leave from Catania airport and your flight is scheduled for the night? Do not worry. Here are some tips for a smooth, stress-free departure.

Departing from the airport at night: useful tips

When planning a flight, it is important to be well organized to avoid any kind of complication. Here are some of the most useful tips for your departure at the airport, especially during the night:

  • Pay attention to your clothing: the first thing you need to take into consideration is the temperature of the airports. The air conditioning is always active and very often there are many thermal changes between inside and outside. Especially at night you may feel cold. Therefore, equip yourself with sweatshirts and sweaters, even during hot periods to avoid getting a cold.
  • Do not arrive late at the airport: if you are about to depart, do not go to the airport at the last minute! Take the right time to organize your departure and everything that goes with it. For example, organize where to leave your car by choosing a safe parking space.
  • Avoid isolating yourself: if you are leaving at night, for personal safety reasons it is advisable that you wait for the departure together with other travelers, avoiding isolated areas or areas that are risky for your safety. In fact, thefts at the airport in some moments of distraction are not rare. Be very careful with your luggage.
  • Park your car safely: this is an important prerogative. If you do not have a companion and you arrive at the airport with your car, it is important to arrange in advance for parking. There are numerous parking activities active 24 hours a day. For overnight car parking at the airport, book in advance! In this way you will have an insured parking space that will allow you to save time and avoid complications. Fast Parking Catania offers a safe and reliable service with a video surveillance service and constant monitoring of the parking lots.
  • Rely on the services available at the airport: for any need, you can find at the airport a series of services active even during the night. For any info, you can visit the Catania airport services section by clicking here.

24-hour services at Catania airport

Fast Parking Catania is a parking service located just 3 minutes from the airport that will allow you not only to park your car but also to take advantage of many useful amenities for you and for your departure. We are operational at any time, even at night! For our parking attendants we provide 24-hour active services such as:

  • Car Valet: with the Car Valet service we collect your car directly at the airport. Just leave the keys of your car with one of our qualified operators who will drive your car directly to our parking. In this way you will save time and you will not have to worry about the car. Upon your return, we will return your machine without queues and without waiting. Just call us when you land. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can go to our car park yourself and leave the car independently in the place you reserved with the reservation.
  • Weighing luggage: at our parking lot you can use a special scale to weigh your luggage.
  • Car wash: you can also decide to include the internal and external car wash service. Upon your return, you will find your car in splendid condition, better than when you left it!
  • Refueling: at Fast Parking Catania it is possible to refuel and fill up the car with fuel. Just request this service from our staff.
  • Video surveillance service: the custody and video surveillance service is active 24 hours a day. Ours is a safe, efficient and organized parking.
  • Transfer to the airport: a completely free shuttle service to and from Catania airport is available for all our parking attendants, operating at all hours of the day and night.

Safe and convenient car park in Catania

Fast Parking represents a guarantee for many travelers who are looking for a safe but also convenient parking space. The car parks at the airport are known to be very expensive and for this reason many parking attendants rely on much more advantageous but at the same time safe solutions. Fast Parking allows you to park your car just 3 minutes from the departures area of ​​Catania Fontanarossa airport, offering low cost rates within everyone's reach.

You can also subscribe to an annual, monthly or weekly subscription that will allow you to further save on the cost of parking which in any case approaches only € 4.00 per day.

Free shuttle service also active at night

The Fast Parking shuttle transport service is the 24-hour shuttle connection between Fast Parking and Catania Fontanarossa Airport.

On the way out, we will accompany you on board our brand new and elegant vehicles to the departure terminal of your flight, while on your return just call the reception (open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year) and once you have collected your luggage, we will be immediately to get you. Once in the parking lot you will find your car ready without having to wait.

Reserve a parking space in Catania Fontanarossa

Booking a parking space at Catania airport is simple! The reservation is made online in 5 minutes. You can reserve a covered or external parking space and select all the services that interest you while your car is parked.

Do you want to book a parking space? Fill out the booking form below now or contact us!

Parking at Catania Airport

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