What is the Car Valet service at Catania airport

Have you ever heard of the Car Valet service at the airport? If you don't know what it is we will explain it to you right away. Once in Catania Fontanarossa, near the departure, the biggest concern that always torments passengers is one: parking. If you want to eliminate all complications and save time, choose the Car Valet service! Find out more by reading the article.

This is how the Car Valet works

The Car Valet service consists in the collection and delivery of the vehicle directly at the Catania airport terminals by a specialized driver. This is a convenience that is much sought after by valet parking. Using this solution you can park at the airport without any stress. Just rely on Fast Parking Catania, which will arrange to send you a qualified operator on site who will park the car for you!

How does the Car Valet work? Once you arrive at the Catania airport, just call us and in a few minutes one of our staff will come to you to take delivery of your car. Our staff will also help you unload your suitcases. After that, simply hand over the car keys and you will no longer have to worry about anything! The operator who will take charge of your car will take it directly to our parking area.

Fast Parking has a large parking area. These are safe, guarded, fenced and video-monitored parking spaces. You can choose between an indoor or outdoor parking and our operator will drive the car exactly where you requested without any complications. Upon your return to the airport, just call us and you will find your car near the gate so you can leave immediately without waiting or queuing.

Thanks to this service, parking at Catania airport becomes a breeze! Imagine no longer having to worry about parking and leaving your car in safe and reliable hands. Your departure will be much lighter to deal with. Furthermore, all this will allow you to save precious time and avoid delays or complications that can even make you miss your flight!

Catania airport parking

Parking at Catania airport is a factor to be organized well in advance. The best solution is to reserve a parking space before departure to ensure a smooth stop.

Inside the airport there are official parking lots belonging to the airport itself such as P3 which allows a short stop of 15 minutes completely free. Over 15 minutes, however, the stop begins to have very expensive rates. If you have to leave the car for longer periods, it is advisable to resort to more convenient but equally comfortable, safe and close to the airport.

The best Parking service in Catania Fontanarossa

When choosing who to entrust your car to, you must take into account some important factors such as:

  • Safety and reliability: when looking for a parking lot, always rely on authoritative parking companies that are authorized to carry out that type of activity. Do not leave your car in any parking lot. You may also find illegal parking lots near the airport that endanger you and your car. Therefore, always pay close attention.
  • Proximity to the airport: another important factor is the distance from the car park to Catania airport. Prefer the closest ones. Fast Parking, for example, is located just 3 minutes from the terminals!
  • Convenience and extra services: when choosing a parking space, also consider any comforts designed for you and for your departure.
  • Services included in the rate: many parking services offer advantageous rates but subsequently require additional costs. It is also important to consider this factor when selecting the most convenient parking space.
  • Video surveillance: this is a very important prerogative! The presence of an efficient video surveillance system will allow you to leave the car without worries and leave without worries.

Fast Parking has all these requirements! It is in fact the best parking service in Catania Fontanarossa!

Other services besides the parking

Fast Parking is truly unbeatable. In addition to the car parking service in Catania, we offer a series of extra services tailored for you. At our office you can weigh your luggage before departure and wrap it in a protective film that preserves its integrity.

You can also request other services besides parking such as car washing, vehicle maintenance and refueling. We will take care of your car during your absence!

Free 24-hour shuttle for valet parking

Are you looking for a parking with shuttle at Catania airport?

Then it will be useful to know that: Fast Parking guarantees a parking service including transfers to and from the airport. We offer a shuttle service active 24 hours a day completely free! The service is available exclusively for our parking attendants.

How to book a parking space at the Vincenzo Bellini airport of Catania

Would you like to reserve a parking space at the Vincenzo Bellini airport in Catania but you don't know how to do it? With Fast Parking, booking a parking space is very simple! It will only take you a few clicks! Enter the parking date in the form below and continue by clicking on "Book".

You will get a free quote, plus you can select all the additional services you want! What are you waiting for? Book your parking in Catania now!

Parking at Catania Airport

Parking in Catania - Contacts

Do you need to book a parking space at Catania airport? Make your reservation online, or contact Fast Parking! We will be happy to provide you with any information!