Car theft: all the tips for safe parking

In recent years, cases of car theft have increased significantly. The break-in methods have evolved more and more causing not only many inconveniences for the motorist but also the loss of a large economic investment. It is therefore important to know how to protect yourself and apply some precautions that preserve the integrity and safety of the car. Let's find out together how to protect yourself to avoid theft through a series of effective behaviors.

Closing the car: watch out for distractions

One of the fundamental rules for a safe stop is certainly to always close the car. It may seem obvious to you but in reality it is not. As trivial as it may seem, locking the car is a short and simple action that drivers often forget. Whether it's the fault of haste, stress or when you are lost in thought, cars are often not closed efficiently. In addition to using the key, remember to manually check that the windows, doors and trunk are actually closed. Also, if you notice something strange and if the car is still open despite the closure, it is better to change parking.

A bad habit, especially in the summer, is to leave one or more windows slightly open. This distraction could prove to be very facilitating for thieves, who only need a few centimeters to open passages and enter the passenger compartment. More generally, we reiterate it, it is advisable to always check, when parking the car, that you have closed the doors, tailgate, windows and any sunroof.

Beware of parking: do not rely on isolated places

Paying attention to where you park is another very important prerogative. Avoid any isolated and unattended place by preferring well-lit and supervised areas. If possible, rely on authorized parking services or those that provide an indoor parking space.

How to avoid theft while traveling

When you are about to embark on a journey, it is very useful to plan in advance for parking too. Having an idea of ​​where to leave the car will allow you to travel with less stress and fatigue. We recommend that you identify in advance the best parking spaces in which to leave the car during the various stages of your holiday.

If during the journey, you need to stop, even for a short time, perhaps in a motorway restaurant, pay attention and never let the car remain completely unattended, especially if full of luggage or valuables inside.

Never leave your keys with unauthorized parking attendants

How many times have you happened to find yourself in front of unauthorized parking attendants? In these cases, never, ever let them take possession of your car keys. In fact, it often happens that unauthorized operators offer to park the car for you as in a 5-star service. Be wary of these improvisations, they are not safe at all. Once the keys are handed over, you may never see your car again and jeopardize your personal safety as well.

The delivery of the vehicle keys is part of the Car Valet service and takes place in official car parks of verified activities. There are many parking companies that offer this type of parking, but they are workers in possession of authoritative and safe parking spaces that offer reliable parking spaces, parking reservation system, and safety for customers. Always be very careful and carefully choose the car parks you can rely on. For car parking in Catania, you can consult a list of verified and reviewed activities by clicking here.

Choice of parking: prefer a video-monitored parking space

The best way to keep the vehicle safe is to park it in a verified parking lot, preferably in a covered parking lot, especially during the night, when the streets are dark and empty, more vulnerable to break-ins by criminals. Choosing a closed and monitored car park 24 hours a day is the best choice. In the covered parking lots, your car will also be safe from any damage due to bad weather.
The best guarantee of security, especially if you are about to leave, is certainly represented by an efficient video surveillance system. A guarded and video-monitored parking will offer your car incomparable safety.

Parking at the airport - Catania Fontanarossa

Speaking of airport parking, here are some useful tips for your stopover before departure.
Before taking your flight at Catania airport, make sure you have reserved your parking space in advance. Don't get caught up in the rush! Planning ahead will allow you to select an official parking company to park at.

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