Stop theft and penalties!

Do you have to take the air and are you finding a secure place to park your car?

Parking online is the right solution that let you give serenely your vehicle. Often you cannot research a secure place and the car is left unwatched because of rush or for absence of free places and this can threaten your car’s security. Fast Parking Catania will jealously protect your vehicle, avoiding the risk of theft (a very common phenomenon, existing not only in this city), thanks to its advanced video surveillance system and to the introduction of the Scanner which scans the conveyance at the entrance; giving your vehicle to us, you will continue your plans as if your car were in your garage!

Our working method uses a team of security guards which work all day to check your car. You will also have the opportunity to call the dispatch at any time for speaking with our staff and asking any question. Besides, you only need a click to access to our different services in order to receive any kind of information; our professionals are accurately selected to satisfy your demands.

Any way, this is not enough…. Did you know that any unwatched car can be fined for violations of traffic rules? Today all people lead a frantic life, affording to do errors and probably you have already forgotten to close the window, the door or to take off the key. Well, you have put your car in jeopardy of theft but you have also risked to receive sanctions laid down in Article 158 of the traffic rules in order to reduce these phenomena (we are certain about the paradoxical situation). Nevertheless, Fast Parking Catania holds a theft and fire insurance policy that protects you in case of damages to your vehicle.

Our system is a safe parking, always careful to its customer’s needs, interested to the security of your conveyance.

Parking at Catania Airport

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