Fastparking in Catania: more than a parking!

Is your flight taking off and are you late for the check- in? Do not be afraid! Our car valet service solves all you problems! Once you arrive in Fontanarossa airport, our driver picks up your car from the gateways, then you can go to the check- in while our officer unloads your baggages. If you have not time to fill up your car and you are afraid to be unprepared to face your trip back, Fast Parking Catania thinks also about that. Before your travel, leave your car to our officer and he fills up your car for your trip back.

Our company offers other extra services, for example manual car wash, a wash that totally sterilizes the upholstery of your car and eliminates bad smells, car maintenance, useful if you have not time to check your vehicle before your travel..Do you want to travel calmly?

One of our strengths is the constantly research for innovative services and advanced technologies, but especially the kindness and the effectiveness of our staff. With Fast Parking Catania you are in safe hands and free from worries. You can leave your car in one of our covered parking or wide open parking with a videosurveillance system all day.

Fast parking and fast parking go, an international guarantee!

Easy, comfortable and safe, our brand Fast Parking and Parking go, internationally recognised, is one of the best networks in the parking field and it offers you a safe and effective service that protects the costumers against “imitations”.

Fast Parking and Parking go is the best network all over the world that offers airport services. There are even other innovative services that make your travels much more pleasant and free from worries. If you do not protect your baggage from possible damages or robberies you can enjoy our innovative service to pack and weigh your baggage. Before your boarding flight you can pack and weigh your luggage by a special machine. The machine packs your bags with an ecological protective film. In order to enjoy this service you can use a token realised by our staff. You have to test it to believe it!

Parking at Catania Airport

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Do you need to book a parking space at Catania airport? Make your reservation online, or contact Fast Parking! We will be happy to provide you with any information!