Subscription and Card: Loyalty awards you

Recently, many companies have adapted their business idea to the technological development about the alternative ways to pay online, such as the fidelity card, a card made of plastic which contains the customer’s data and the credit added by him to be used for his purchases.

Nevertheless some companies make some mistakes: i.e. they promise prizes which customers may hardly win, unless they use an exorbitant credit and they can gain a travel or a car. Occasionally customers receive e deadline to charge the credit and if they do not respect that requirement, their card is automatically disabled; the card can work again when the customer enter again his personal data and completes the registration.

This will not happen with Fast Parking Catania, the avant-garde parking online that not only proposes you the possibility to join our cheap subscriptions but also to adhere to the fidelity card system, a very convenient and dynamic way, creating a card which you can charge whenever you want, without any kind of restraint and you may activate free. Requiring the card is easy and fast, you can click on the Fidelity Card page and include your personal data; using the card you will acquire our services easier, and you will avoid the coin using the rechargeable credit: when you will demand a service, you have just to enter your account and accept your requirement.

With FastParking Card you have become loyal customer, so our system will introduce your personal profile through which you may access to various advantages. Infact our Card awards you with a credit of 50% on every recharge made, therefore on 100 euros, we will add you 50. Exclusively to our customers, we reserve also the chance to jump the queue at the parking and this is possible because the registration of your data is already done; besides you can use it in every parking of the Fast Parking network and enjoy our various advantages! The only goal of our company is the loyalty! Facilitating your purchases and offering you our free services, you will be satisfied before and after your departure.

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