Catania Parking: Fast, Easy and cheap

Have you ever desired to leave your car in a serviceable and cheap parking?

Our parking online is a very pioneering concept that let you start innovative and low-cost services and let you access a clear and trackable payment.

Fast Parking Catania is the idea of parking that you have always wanted because it provides a large space which is kept by prefessionals and makes different free services available to you. Infact, you can enjoy a box in order to put your objects inside until you will come back for taking your car; your vehicle will be scanned at the entrance and monitored all day and you can also enjoy our shuttle that will take you to the airport. Furthermore all the vehicles that will be left in our parking, will be covered by theft and fire insurance.

Through the online reservation, you reserve the place for your car and then when you are booking you can choose the Car Valet service. Well, imagine to park to us; you do not know how to reach the airport. Fast Parking Catania provides you one of our workers who will drive you to the airport with one of our innovative cars; the worker will help you to take off the baggages and when you return he will take you with your car. Are you in a hurry and have you forgotten to wash your car? We have thought to this problem too.

Fast Parking Catania provides all the tools useful to wash your car and we will return your car in perfect hygienic conditions. If you have to travel by air and you have not weighed your baggage, we have the solution. You only need one coin to weigh it and then you may wrap your bag in a protective film in order to preserve it from any hygienic danger and theft. Usually our customers have to take the car but fuel is finished and they cannot leave; in our parking, when you come back your car will have the fuel, because of the introduction of a fuel pump. Moreover, visiting our website you can select the more suitable subscription to your needs and you will have the chance to pay only 2 euros per day, instead of 6 euros requires for the daily service; you may take advantage of all the additional services focused on ur customers and secondly you will be part of the Vip Area and when you will be in airport you will not do the queue for the check-in!

Parking at Catania Airport

Parking in Catania - Contacts

Do you need to book a parking space at Catania airport? Make your reservation online, or contact Fast Parking! We will be happy to provide you with any information!