Art. 1 – Delivery of the vehicle. Delivery of the vehicle must be made exclusively to the "FAST PARKING SERVICE" at one of the dedicated site locations near the airport, which will monitor the state of the vehicle, compile the pre-arranged form that will be signed by the customer. The form shall indicate the date and time of arrival, the date and time of the intended return and the telephone number available to the customer to communicate any variation as well as the names of any third party carriers. In addition to the foregoing, it is understood that it is the customer's obligation to denounce the presence of defects or defects not immediately perceived by the person in charge of the FAST PARKING service. The Company shall in no way be liable for any damages suffered or produced by the car as a result of defects or defects not declared at the time of delivery of the special form and shall be brought to the attention of the Customer for any damage caused by such causes The third.

Art. 2 – Reduction of the motor vehicle. The return of the motor vehicle will take place at the FAST PARKING station indicated on the sub module or with a shuttle service located in the arriving area at the parking lot where FAST PARKING deposits the cars, the day and time indicated there. (Failure to indicate the post will result in the delivery of the car's return to the same FAST PARKING station where it was delivered). In the event of a change in the date or time of return of the customer without notice, the car will be ready for delivery within the shortest possible time, without this being the cause of liability for the FAST PARKING Company. In the case of failure to indicate in the acceptance form of the third person involved in the retirement of the motor vehicle, the vehicle may only be delivered to a person with written delegation and photostatic copy of the identity card of the holder of the vehicle and of the delegated subject to the withdrawal .

Art. 3 – Payment of the service fee. Payment of the advance of 20% on the reservation is required, the balance must be paid upon the return of the customer, cash or bank checks or credit cards are accepted. This advance is not refundable for causes attributable to the customer. In the event of non-payment of the consideration, the Company reserves the right to hold the custody deposit in accordance with Articles 2671 and 2756, last paragraph c.c.

Art. 4 – Service timetable. The service will be H24 all year round.

Art. 5 – Insurance coverage. The customer declares and warrants that the car is covered for the full value, to be protected against theft, even partial and fire, with a waiver clause and therefore relieves the FAST PARKING Company from any and all liability .

Art. 6 – Insurance. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company declares itself to be insured with a primary insurance company for the car entrusted to it.

Art. 7 – Responsibility. The FAST PARKING Company does not respond to any lack of or damage to any cause or reason of objects or property within the vehicle and does not constitute any parts of the vehicle except the items expressly declared by the customer at the time of delivery. In any case, the liability of the FAST PARKING Company for all items of the same accepted in custody by the same customer can not exceed Euro 150,00

Art. 8 – Fulfillment at delivery.  The customer is obliged to point out to the reception staff the integrity of the vehicle or to make any defects or damages known to him, making sure that the person himself takes note of it by written notice on the front of this contract signed by both the FAST company PARKING from the customer. In this statement, details of defects, defects, damages and other anomalies of the vehicle entrusted to the FAST PARKING company must be indicated in the delivery. FAST PARKING Company shall not be liable for any defects, defects or damage present on the vehicle which are not immediately detected by a simple examination of the same at the time of delivery, other than those stated and received at the time of delivery and in any It will not be liable for damage suffered or produced by the vehicle to persons, animals or property due to defective or malicious defects or defects, or cautiously kept and / or concealed by the customer, in particular with respect to the engine and the mechanical parts in general.

Art. 9 – Vehicle Movements. The customer accepts that the car is moved from the temporary parking lot, near the airport, to the shed of the company "FAST PARKING" and vice versa. During these transfers, the company "FAST PARKING" undertakes to take full care of the vehicle, ensuring that this activity will be carried out by staff provided with the necessary experience in driving the vehicle entrusted. Where the customer desires or requires car maintenance and / or car washing, the FAST PARKING Company will be deemed to be authorized to transfer the vehicle to places where such activity is undertaken, undertake in any case to take full care of the vehicle and Also ensuring that such transfer activity will be carried out by staff provided with the necessary experience in the operation of the vehicle entrusted.

Art. 10 – Assistance on request. Any maintenance work or technical intervention on the motor vehicle must be requested by the customer to the company "FAST PARKING" with the detailed indication at the time of delivery of the vehicle by filling out the space provided in the title of this contract. Upon delivery of the vehicle by the customer will automatically result in express acceptance of the work.

Art. 11 – Prices. Applied rates, except for any existing agreements, are those in force at the time of delivery of the vehicle and are displayed to the public at the "FAST PARKING" box.

Art. 12 – Jurisdiction. For any dispute arising out of this contract is the sole responsibility of the Forum of Catania.


The customer declares, pursuant to Art. 1341 and 1342 C.C .., to approve all the above conditions and in particular to expressly accept the provisions of art. n. 5 (insurance cover), no. 7 (liability), n. 8 (fulfillment upon delivery), no. 10 (on request) 2nd - 3rd - 4th paragraph, no. 12 ° (competent court) after having carefully, thoroughly understood and understood, the content, meaning and legal consequences thereof.