Prepare for an airplane trip

What to pack before taking a flight and how to best organize yourself

Flying is stressful enough, if you add the pressure of packing and disorganization, the journey can be really tough.

It's always a good idea to take some time to plan everything before you leave. Preparing for air travel ahead of time will allow you to reduce stress and make sure everything is packed properly and securely. A good organization will allow you to enjoy your holiday and travel more relaxed.

Here are some tips on what to pack before taking a flight and how to best organize yourself.

What to do before an airplane trip

When you are about to take a flight, conflicting emotions arise: on the one hand there is euphoria and the desire to take a vacation as soon as possible, on the other, agitation and stress can arise.

To leave without particular hitches and above all without worries, here are our tips for a peaceful trip by plane:

  1. Pack light: When traveling by plane, you will probably want to pack as light a suitcase as possible. Even if you are not limited by weight restrictions, it is still better not to carry more than necessary. So, before you start packing, make sure you take only the essentials for your trip with you. The less stuff you have with you, the easier it will be when it comes time to get on board!
  2. Pack intelligently. The temptation to pack everything in a suitcase or duffel bag is strong, but this isn't the best way to organize things when flying! To make sure that everything stays in its place and stays organized during transport, try to place objects in an orderly and sectioned way. Remember to insert all the luggage tags carefully! This is an important precaution because the tags identify baggage so that it is not lost or sent by mistake to another destination.
  3. Bring your most important items with you: if you have to carry valuables, we recommend that you include them in your hand luggage that you will take in the cabin. In the worst-case scenario in which the hold baggage is lost, you will have all the contents of the hand baggage with you that will remain in your possession.

If you're flying for the first time, you might feel a little nervous at first but don't worry! When you organize yourself efficiently, departure becomes child's play.

The best way to make sure you're ready for a flight is to have all the essentials close at hand. This way you will save time and stress. Remember to book your plane ticket well in advance and go to the airport at least two hours before departure.

What cannot be missing in your suitcase

There is no set content in order to create the perfect suitcase for a plane trip but there are essential elements that they absolutely cannot mark. Among them:

  • Documents;
  • Clothing and linen;
  • Agenda with contact numbers (in case of lost mobile phone);
  • Medicines;
  • Travel itinerary;
  • Waterproof;
  • Replacement shoes;
  • Pajamas;
  • Toothbrush;
  • Sanitizing wipes;
  • Battery charger for electronic devices.

Of course, things to pack vary a lot depending on where you are going and the season you decide to travel in. In the case of summer trips, remember to bring a beach towel and swimwear with you. In the case of winter travel, however, it will be necessary to include heavy sweaters and other clothing such as scarves, gloves and a hat in the luggage.

Where to park your car at the airport

Once your suitcase is full, don't forget to arrange parking! The parking at the airport can be very stressful and confusing also because the airport area is always very busy and full.

If you want to leave without worries, we recommend that you also book a parking space for your car in advance. In this regard, there are numerous parking areas near the airports that guarantee covered, safe and also cheap parking spaces.

When you park your car, always make sure you rely on official and authorized parking lots.

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