Parking in Catania Fontanarossa: how much does it cost?

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In Catania Fontanarossa parking is a real problem, especially during the summer holidays and generally during the busiest periods. It is not easy to find a place and, if you do find one, the prices are often high, out of many people's budget.

If you are wondering how much it costs to park a car at Catania airport , the answer is: it depends. There are many factors that affect the final cost of parking. Prices usually vary according to the period of the year and also based on the distance of the car park from the airport.

The official car parks of Catania Fontanarossa (from P1 to P6) are the closest to the airport but also the most expensive.

On the contrary, Fast Parking presents itself as the cheapest parking at Catania airport and, at the same time, offers a 5-star service for your car. With Fast Parking you can choose to park your car in an indoor or outdoor car park.

We offer our customers parking spaces with video surveillance and a free shuttle service to reach the airport quickly and easily, in just 3 minutes.

Our services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for all passengers who need to leave their car safe before leaving Catania Fontanarossa. With you will find really competitive prices.

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Comparison of parking rates: Catania Vincenzo Bellini Airport

Catania Fontanarossa Airport is the main airport in Sicily and, for this reason, it is also one of the busiest. The airport offers several parking areas located a few hundred meters from the Terminals.

The official car parks at the airport guarantee free use for stays of less than 15 minutes. You can leave your car for a few minutes by parking it directly at the airport, at no cost. For example, if you are in Catania Fontanarossa only to accompany a passenger or to pick him up, you can park for free for a maximum of fifteen minutes.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a long-term parking , for example you are about to leave and you will leave your car for days or weeks, the price of parking lots like P1 or P2 is really high . Airport parking rates have an average cost of € 30 per day.

The car is not guarded and for long stays the price is skyrocketing. From the car park you will also have to walk to reach the terminal.

If you are looking for a more convenient solution, choose Fast Parking!

With Fast Parking parking costs very little

With Fast Parking Catania it is possible to park near the airport at a rate of around € 4.50 per day! With the annual subscription, the cost of parking drops to € 2.19 per day!

Our company has years of experience in the parking sector. We have always aimed to provide excellent service to all those who want to park their vehicle at Fontanarossa Airport.

Fast Parking allows you to park your car safely at Catania Fontanarossa Airport. We offer low cost fares and a range of services for passengers:

  • Indoor / outdoor parking for the car;
  • Car wash on request;
  • Car Valet Service;
  • Free shuttle service to / from the terminal;
  • Video surveillance for your car;
  • Customer service always active;
  • Refueling;
  • Weighing and luggage wrapping in protective film.

What more could you want? Choose Fast Parking and leave your car in safe hands! Remember to always book your parking space in advance in order to reserve your parking space and leave without worries.

Remember that our free shuttle operates 24 hours a day: we will take you to the terminal for free and pick you up on your return at any time of day or night.

How to reserve a parking space at Catania airport

If you want to make sure there is parking at the airport for your car, book in advance!

With Fast Parking you can reserve your parking space at Catania Vincenzo Bellini airport in a very simple way. All you have to do is fill in the online booking form by entering the parking date. Finally, you will have to confirm everything by entering your data.

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