Catania airport parking: leave the car and leave without worries!

Are you going on vacation and want a safe place to leave your car? No problem, Fast Parking Catania thinks of everything! With our Car Valet service as soon as you arrive at Catania Fontanarossa airport one of our qualified drivers will reach you directly at the entrance and will take care of unloading your luggage and collecting your car.

From that moment on, while you are checking in, your car will be handed over to the garage you chose when you signed up for the service and will be kept in custody until you return. Our car parks are internal and external, you can decide which one you prefer, and safety is one of our priorities. In both cases we guarantee continuous video surveillance systems. Over the years we have learned to understand the needs of travelers and have developed assistance products for the benefit of those who leave for a while. Our mission is to give you a complete service because, if you are happy with what we offer, we are happy with you! Find out everything we've thought of for our customers on the go.

The advantages do not end there. While you travel we work for you: discover all the services we have reserved for you!

We pack your luggage and weigh it before boarding

If you need to preserve your baggage from bumps, scratches, theft or tampering, you can entrust it to us. We will deliver you a token that will allow you to pack your suitcase with a special ecological film that will completely protect it for the duration of the flight. In addition, to make sure that the weight complies with the regulations required by your airline we control its weight.

Let's fill up with fuel before your return

Did you have to make fuel before you left but didn't have the time? Don't worry, we do it and prepare your car for the day you return. You will decide the amount or quantity of supply that is most suitable, we will do as you ask us.

We wash your car while on vacation

Would you like to find the super clean car when you get back? Great, we take care of that too! Our car washing service is manual and uses technological systems capable of destroying odors or residues of dirt. We eliminate dust from the interior upholstery and throughout the passenger compartment. In addition, we disinfect the dashboard and the entire dashboard to make you find the car in perfect condition.

We check the general condition of your car while you are away

Sometimes, taken by the frenzy of the journey, we forget to have the car checked: Fast Parking also thinks about this! We verify the abnormal ignition of any warning lights and we take care to check that all the main functions of your car are in place. We have a complete diagnostic check-up done for you, to guarantee you all the safety you need while driving.

Just ask for one or all of these services when the car is released, or contact us later. We are of the opinion that those who travel should enjoy every moment of their stay, without carrying with them thoughts that may disturb their relaxation.

More than traveling, traveling without worries counts: Fastparking is your Catania airport parking lot

The strength of our company is the constant search for technological innovations that can improve the efficiency of the services we offer. But what most represents us is the courtesy and availability of all our staff. We work to make you feel comfortable during your stay and we are certain that by turning to us you will have nothing to fear for your car. The moment you choose us, you will be put in contact with our highly qualified staff to carry out all the required tasks. From then on, an agreement based on trust and mutual esteem will begin.

We are an international guarantee: discover Fast Parking and Parking Go!

Among all the potentials that characterize us, we have the privilege of being considered as one of the best network of airport services in the world. We enjoy an international recognition that guarantees all our customers the issuance of safe and efficient services, able to protect you and protect you from those who imitate us without success. .

We are aware of the fact that the needs of those traveling for work or fun may not be exhausted in the list of services we offer you, but we have not yet told you that we are ready even for the unexpected unexpected. In fact, if you need something in particular that you haven't read in these pages, ask us anyway. We are certain that we will find a way to satisfy you. And if this is not the case, we will be able to advise you on what will be best for you, in relation to the circumstances in which you find yourself. .

. To learn more, visit the contact section and discover our locations. And after doing so, don't hesitate to contact us or visit us. We are waiting for you!

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