Services beyond the stop

Fast Parking's headquarters in Catania offers numerous additional services that can be added to the rental during the booking process.

Services Included In The Park

Operational service: 365 days a year 24 hours a day

Shuttle included and immediate to airport or port

Surveillance and storage of the vehicle 24 hours a day

Fire and theft insurance

Supervised video parking

Professional and qualified personnel

Car immediately ready for your return

Free recovery of your car's battery drop

Wi-Fi internet area

Services on Request



You can choose the type of parking, covered or uncovered, located in Catania . Both car parks are equipped with a video surveillance system. If you decide to opt for the covered parking lot, you will need to deliver the vehicle keys to a Fast Parking.



Car Valet Arrival and Departure

All major locations in the FastParking network have a car valet parking service. By choosing this service, head directly to the airport departures and deliver your car to a Fast Parking Parking employee who will park it for you. The big advantage is saving time. You can add the Car Valet option both for the delivery of the vehicle and for your restart.




Manual washing and manual sterilization of the vehicle. Bio decontamination Auto, mold elimination, smoke, bacteria, fungi. We return your car in hygienic "aseptic" conditions. From tapestry to mats, from roof to dashboard including door compartments, glasses and air conditioning system




If you are left with little or no fuel we think about it!
Avoid stops and wait for the distributor and optimize times: Return your tank and you'll be ready to go back home.




Protect your luggage so you do not have any nasty surprises. With Fast Parking you can do it and agree! Through a special machine, every bag is wrapped in a plastic film resin, completely recyclable and non-toxic, useful for both hygiene and preservation of suitcases from possible damages and theft.




Do you have any doubts about the condition of your vehicle? Would you like to travel without getting any nasty surprises? Fast Parking provides a car maintenance service. We deliver the car to our specialized mechanics, Fast Parking Partners. At your return you will find the car in perfect condition, ready for a new start.

Parking at Catania Airport

Parking in Catania - Contacts

Do you need to book a parking space at Catania airport? Make your reservation online, or contact Fast Parking! We will be happy to provide you with any information!