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Ita Airwais launches the face boarding system: that's what it's all about

Are security checks a problem? Forget documents and long waiting lines! From today, security checks at Catania airport will be carried out through the face boarding system. Thanks to this very important novelty presented by Ita Airwais it will no longer be necessary to show documents or boarding pass before taking a flight.

The project is currently still being tested. Starting in July, a land side will be installed where passengers who have already checked in online will be able to proceed with facial recognition by crossing the appropriate area.

This innovative solution allows you to manage passengers much more easily and reduce waiting times for departing travelers. Catania Fontanarossa Airport is one of the largest airports in Sicily. For this reason it is very important that the management of large traffic is constantly updated.

The "scanner" will be able to analyze the faces of passengers in real time and automatically associate each face with their digital identity and boarding pass. In this way, all passengers crossing the security check-point will not have to worry about showing any documents.

The new technology is still being tested but for the moment there seem to be excellent prospects for operation.

What are the security checks in Catania Fontanarossa?

The security checks carried out at Catania airport concern passengers but also their hand luggage. In some cases, a more in-depth inspection of some elements may be required, such as the footwear worn or the luggage you have with you.

Before carrying out the x-ray check, it is advisable to leave all the metal objects in the special tray and then continue with the check by passing through the metal detector.

Through the face boarding system it will not be necessary to show the boarding pass before entering the area.

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