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When you are about to embark on a journey, whether it be a departure for work or a vacation, there are always the usual stressful concerns. Many things to think about, including baggage, rigid schedules and the constraints of transportation during travel. To avoid relying on means of transport or bothering friends and relatives, you can safely arrive at Catania airport in your car!

But once I get to the airport, where do I park my car safe?

Fast Parking takes care of this!

Fast Parking allows you to leave your car in safe hands, guaranteeing an efficient and impeccable video surveillance service that is always active every day so you can leave yourself without any additional thoughts or stress.
Our company is internationally recognized and has a large number of parking spaces, always monitored and monitored.
Our parking lots are numerous and extend in a quiet area sheltered from the great crowds present every day at Catania airport.
Leave your car safe with just € 5 a day!
You can choose between indoor or outdoor parking, and request a series of additional services for your car.
Fast Parking is just 5 minutes from Catania airport! Choose a safe and secure parking space for your car, away from prying eyes and dangers that your vehicle could run in a very crowded area. We allow you to keep your car safe from theft, vandalism and weather events and to rely on a professional service at an affordable and amazingly competitive price.


In addition to the advantage of complete autonomy in reaching the airport, which is not considered to be a trivial matter, Fast Parking offers convenience designed for your peace of mind in leaving us your car.
Among our many we find for example:

Free H24 shuttle service available that will accompany you to the airport once you have delivered your car.

Car Valet Service: As soon as you arrive at Catania Fontanarossa airport one of our qualified drivers will reach you directly at the entrance and will take care of unloading your luggage and picking up your car. From that moment on, while you are checking in, your car will be handed over to the garage you chose when you signed up for the service and will be kept in custody until you return.

We pack your luggage and weigh it before boarding
If you need to preserve your baggage from bumps, scratches, theft or tampering, you can entrust it to us. We will deliver you a token that will allow you to pack your suitcase with a special ecological film that will completely protect it for the duration of the flight. In addition, to ensure that the weight complies with the regulations required by your airline, we check its weight.

If you prefer you can bring your car keys with you or you can request additional services for your car during your absence.

If you wish, Fast Parking can work for you even during your trip, not only keeping your car but also taking care of its maintenance.
In fact, Fast Parking thinks of everything, for your car numerous services, such as:

Full of fuel before your return: Did you have to fuel before leaving but didn't have the time? Don't worry, we do it and prepare your car for the day you return. You will decide the amount or quantity of supply that is most suitable, we will do as you ask.

Car Wash Service: Would you like to find the super clean car on your return? Great, we take care of that too! Our car washing service is manual and uses technological systems capable of destroying odors or residues of dirt. We eliminate dust from the interior upholstery and throughout the passenger compartment. In addition, we disinfect the dashboard and the entire dashboard to let you find the machine in perfect condition.

We check the general condition of your car while you are away: Sometimes, taken by the frenzy of the journey, we forget to have the car checked: Fast Parking also thinks about this! We verify the abnormal ignition of any warning lights and we check that all the main functions of your car are in place. We run a complete diagnostic check-up for you, to guarantee all the safety you need while driving.

Just ask for one or all of these services when the car is released, or you can contact us later. We are of the opinion that those who travel should enjoy every moment of their stay, without carrying with them thoughts that may disturb their relaxation.

Go to the airport without any worries or stress. Leave your car in safe hands!
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