Tips for parking at Catania airport

Are you about to leave from Catania Vincenzo Bellini airport and don't know where to park?

The parking at Catania airport is a requirement for many passengers who wish to travel independently. Parking at the airport before leaving means traveling without worries and avoiding involving friends and relatives to be accompanied.

Very often, in fact, the timetable of public transport does not coincide with that of the scheduled flight, and using your own car is the only way to reach the airport. Sometimes even the taxi service is not convenient.

If you want to travel independently, all you have to do is reserve a parking space at the airport . If you are leaving from Catania Fontanarossa airport , finding parking will be a breeze thanks to Fast Parking Catania!

Here are some tips to save time and money on parking at the airport and how Fast Parking works.

The cost of parking at Catania airport

If your intention is to leave your car inside airport car parks such as P3 in Catania , know that in this case, parking is only convenient for short periods. If you leave your car in Catania Fontanarossa for a long time, the car parks located inside the airport are not exactly the best in terms of convenience!

After 15 minutes of free parking , parking spaces at the airport can cost a lot (almost € 30 per day)!

For this reason, we offer you a valid alternative: Fast Parking.

Fast Parking Catania is the low cost car park at Catania airport with video surveillance and shuttle h24 included ! Our rates are very low and start at € 2.19 per day!

Compare rates and reserve a parking space in advance

One piece of advice we always give to our customers is to book parking in advance. Advance booking of a parking space at Catania airport allows you to save a good percentage on the cost of parking.

Before booking, always compare the prices between the various parking companies. To do this, you can get a free quote directly online by entering the parking date in the booking form.

Choose a video surveillance car park

Fast Parking is the best choice when you are about to leave Catania. Our parking area is very extensive. We offer outdoor but also covered parking spaces. In both cases, these are guarded parking lots and video surveillance !

If you think you can do without a roof on your car, you will certainly have an insured savings margin, since an outdoor car park costs less than a covered one, but be careful, never underestimate the safety of the car park.

Always rely on certified parking services that offer safety and reliability. The video surveillance service is very important in these cases!

Pay attention to the shuttle timetable

The shuttle is an increasingly popular service, especially in car parks further away from the airport, which have very advantageous rates.

When choosing a car park at Catania airport with shuttle included, also pay close attention to timetables. Fast Parking, for example, offers a free shuttle service 24 hours a day . At any time of day or night, we are always ready to accompany you from the parking lot to the departures area of the airport! On the contrary, when you return, we will come and get you!

With Fast Parking you will not have to submit to any timetable. Our shuttle transfer service is always operational.

Online booking of parking in Catania Fontanarossa

Do you want to get a free quote or book a parking space at Catania airport ? Do it in a few clicks! Just complete the booking form at the bottom of the page by entering the parking date.

You will get the cost of your parking in Catania in a few moments and you can decide whether to confirm the reservation and possibly add other additional services for your car!

In this regard you will find the list of our services beyond the stop in the appropriate category, by clicking here .

Do you want to reserve a parking space? Do it now! By reserving a parking space in advance, you save!

Book your parking at Catania airport with Fast Parking!

Parking at Catania Airport

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