Are you leaving from Catania airport? Here are the new rules of January 2022

Super Green Pass and FFP2 mask - Catania Fontanarossa Airport

If you are leaving from Catania Fontanarossa Airport there are some important things you need to know.

Currently, the Vincenzo Bellini airport of Catania has implemented all the health regulations in force following the Law Decree 229 . As in all national airports, the possession of the Super Green Pass or enhanced Green Pass is required for access to aircraft.

In addition to this, you must wear the FFP2 mask for the duration of the trip. Here are the most frequently asked questions and all the rules foreseen in January 2022 to travel safely.

Leaving from Catania: can I travel by plane with the simple Green Pass?

The answer to this question is: No, the negative buffer (simple green pass) is no longer sufficient for access to aircraft.

If you are leaving from Catania airport, you must be in possession of the Super Green Pass . This means that your green certification will only be valid if you are vaccinated, or if you have recovered from covid in the last 6 months.

In case of healing we remind you that you will need to obtain the certificate of healing provided by your doctor.

Can I wear a mask other than FFP2?

Also in this case the legislation is very strict. If before it was possible to select the type of PPE (personal protective equipment) according to your preferences, this is no longer the case.

To travel by plane , the exclusive use of FFP2 masks is required. This decision is aimed at minimizing the risk of contagion between the travelers themselves and also the airline personnel.

The FFP2 mask is able to filter the outgoing air but also the incoming one. This means that unlike surgical masks, the wearer has considerable protection even from the air coming from outside.

The fabrics that make it up are therefore able to filter both the air we emit and that which we breathe in from the outside. In this way, both the probability of being infected and that of infecting is greatly limited.

Can I accompany a passenger to Catania airport if I don't have the super green pass?

Yes, possession of the super green pass is required only for passengers who are about to leave and who will therefore have to travel on board the aircraft.

As regards access to the airport by carers, in this case the entrance to the airport is free.

The answer is therefore: Yes. You can accompany a passenger to the airport even without having a Green Pass or Super green pass.

Entry into the passenger terminal is therefore also allowed for accompanying persons of departing passengers, as long as it is not temporarily prohibited in consideration of possible gatherings inside the terminal.

The accompanying persons of arriving passengers must instead remain outside the terminal where special waiting areas have been created. There are exceptions for accompanying persons of some specific categories such as passengers with reduced mobility or minors traveling alone who can in any case access the terminal.

We also remind you that at the entrance doors of the Terminal, all people, passengers and airport operators, are subjected to body temperature control using a thermoscanner.

Where can I park my car if I'm about to leave Catania?

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