Obligation Green Pass and FFP2 Mask - Catania Airport

The new law on the use of FFP2 masks at the airport

As a result of Law Decree n.221 of 24 December 2021, to access the aircraft it is mandatory to wear the FFP2 mask . The possession of the green pass is obviously also required.

One of the fundamental rules of safety at Catania Airport (and in general at all airports) is the use of personal protective equipment or PPE for both passengers and airport staff.

The new legislation provides for the exclusive use of FFP2 masks when traveling by plane . But what are the differences between this type and a surgical mask? Here is some information on the subject and all the health regulations in force governing travel by plane.

Why wear a mask to fly on an airplane?

Wearing a mask when traveling by plane is essential to limit the spread of Coronavirus and travel safely. Covid is mainly transmitted by the airways. Wearing a protective device that covers your nose and mouth can greatly reduce the likelihood of transmission.

On a plane, you are forced to share spaces with other travelers and staff. Wearing a mask during the flight therefore helps to create a very effective protective barrier.

It is mandatory to use the mask for the entire duration of the air travel and even before departure during the check-in lines and at the time of boarding.

Some airlines only allow the use of surgical masks and never cloth masks. If you are about to leave, it is advisable that you are properly informed about the legislation in force and that you bring adequate protective equipment with you.

Difference between FFP2 masks and other types of masks

Starting from 24 December 2021, it is possible to access flights only if equipped with an FFP2 mask and obviously if in possession of green certification .

But why this choice? Unlike a normal surgical mask, the type FFP2 respiratory mask is able to provide almost total coverage from infections. This happens because the FFP2 are devices capable of efficiently filtering both incoming and outgoing air.

The fabrics that compose them are therefore able to filter both the air we emit and that which we breathe in from the outside. In this way, both the probability of being infected and that of infecting is greatly limited.

In the case of surgical masks, for example, the outgoing air is much more filtered than the incoming one. This means that with a surgical mask we would be able to withhold the infection (if it came from us) but we would not have adequate coverage from what we inhale from the outside. The filtering power of the surgeries is only towards the outgoing air.

The use of FFP2 masks on board aircraft will allow travelers to travel more safely. It is no coincidence that this obligation has come into force not only within airports and during flights but also at other places such as bars and restaurants but also buses, subways, etc.

Airport security: all the rules in Catania Fontanarossa

Catania Vincenzo Bellini Airport has adopted all the containment measures required to limit the spread of Covid-19. An example is given by activities such as the daily disinfection of aircraft and the installation of air filtration systems.

For the safety of travelers, it is advisable to check-in online in order to avoid queues and crowds as much as possible. Body temperature monitoring activities are carried out at the airport.

We also recommend that passengers use the FFP2 mask until they leave the airport. As soon as you land, it is advisable to always maintain interpersonal distancing with the other passengers.

Follow these simple rules to travel safely!

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