Catania airport: guide for passengers

For all passengers departing from Catania Fontanarossa airport, here is some useful information for their trip. Catania airport consists of two large terminals and a series of practical services for travelers. In addition to the availability of purchasing centers for food and drinks, the airport also has a series of internal and external parking lots for stopping in Catania.

Are you going to Fontanarossa? Here's what you need to know before you leave.

Check-in at Catania airport

The area used for check-in is located on the first floor where Terminal A is located. There are more than 50 desks available and are dedicated to the various airlines present at the airport. To check-in, just pay attention to the monitors that will indicate the counter number corresponding to your airline. Once you arrive at the right desk, you need to apply for a boarding pass and hand in your hold baggage. We always remember to respect the regulations regarding the weight and contents of each suitcase.

What cannot be carried in the hold baggage

The rules regarding the weight of baggage are regulated differently by each airline. Regarding the contents of the suitcase, on the other hand, there are general and common guidelines for all flight agencies.

Among the elements that are not allowed for transport in a suitcase we find:

  • Sharp or pointed objects (knives, scissors, blades, penknives, etc.)
  • Flammable substances (Spray paint, White spirit, alcoholic beverages, etc.)
  • Weapons (Lighters, Toy Weapons, Slingshots or any object that can be used as a weapon)
  • Sports and gym equipment (fishing rods, skates, golf clubs or rigid sticks of any kind.)
  • The content of the baggage is always carefully monitored and rigid, so we advise you to always inform yourself adequately about the permitted content, in order to embark without problems.

Travel documents

Current legislation requires, at check-in, the control of documents and verification of the passenger's identity with the boarding pass. Before departure, always check the validity of your documents. We also remind you that for travel to Schengen states or non-Schengen countries, it is advisable to check which documents are recognized at the time of crossing the borders such as passport and identity card. However, this category also includes other travel documents as long as they are recognized by the country of destination.

Controls and security

The rules and controls at the airport are very strict. Passengers are required to comply with every request in the legislation. As for baggage, for example, they must always and compulsorily be equipped with a specific label with name and surname, not to exceed the number and maximum weight allowed for transport. In relation to these characteristics, it is possible to know the weight and number limitations determined by the class of service shown on the ticket. However, the exclusive transport of one hand luggage or a small bag, a PC or a document holder is permitted on board the plane.

Cheap parking Catania Airport

Well, now that you have better organized your documents and luggage for departure, have you thought about where to park at Catania airport? If you haven't done so yet, you should inform yourself immediately!

Catania airport has a series of official car parks inside the airport itself. However, the Catania Fontanarossa car parks are parking spaces used for short-term stops. For example, if you are accompanying or waiting for a passenger, you can park at P1, P2 or P3 for free for the first 15 minutes. If, on the other hand, you are the one who has to leave, it would be advisable to find a valid parking alternative that does not require exaggerated costs. Parking at the airport requires about € 30 per day to park the car. If your trip involves an absence of several days or even weeks, we recommend that you park nearby by relying on safe and economical parking companies such as Fast Parking Catania.

Fast Parking: the cheapest parking in Catania

Fast Parking is a serious and reliable parking company. The parking spaces are located just three minutes from the airport at a distance of about 500 meters. Leaving the car here is a considerable convenience for passengers. Parking costs start from € 2.19 up to a maximum of € 4 per day.

Also included in the price is a 24-hour shuttle service that will take you directly to the Terminal and a video surveillance service with CCTV cameras. Fast Parking provides indoor and outdoor parking spaces. In both cases, the car parks are subject to continuous monitoring and custody work. Your car will be safe!

Catania Fontanarossa parking with shuttle

The shuttle transport service is completely free and therefore included in the parking cost.

On the way out, we accompany the parking attendants aboard our brand new and elegant vehicles, and take them directly to the departure terminal for the flight. Likewise, upon returning to the airport, our staff reaches the passengers in a few minutes. Just call us at the reception, we are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Once you have collected your luggage, just get on our shuttle and you will reach your parking lot in a few minutes. Once in Fast Parking, you will find your car ready without having to wait.

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Parking at Catania Airport

Parking in Catania - Contacts

Do you need to book a parking space at Catania airport? Make your reservation online, or contact Fast Parking! We will be happy to provide you with any information!