Catania airport parking: low cost parking in Fontanarossa

he parking at Catania airport can be a very important convenience that will totally change your departure. When you are about to take a flight, the most practical solution is always to travel independently. Through your car you have more flexible hours and a freedom that public transport does not offer. In most cases, passengers prefer to travel in their own car and reach the airport directly with it. What stops passengers is always the worry about finding a safe parking at Fontanarossa airport . The thought that the car can remain unattended and exposed to risks of all kinds does not allow for a smooth start.

In reality, it is possible to leave without any concern for the car but only by relying on official and authorized parking lots. Here is some useful information on the most reliable car parks in Catania.

Where to leave the car at Catania airport?

Catania airport is the main airport in southern Italy. Also known as Vincenzo Bellini airport of Catania-Fontanarossa , it is the sixth airport in Italy for passenger traffic. Precisely for this reason, the car parks can be extremely crowded and precisely because of the refinement of the service, they have unusual prices that require not a little excessive amounts to leave the car.

If you are about to leave and the thought of where to leave the car is bothering you, we offer a perfect solution to your problem. Fast Parking Catania is a parking company at Bellini Airport in Catania that offers lots of secure parking spaces and video surveillance at a cheap parking price . Leaving the car in safe hands will allow you to face your departure with serenity and without stress. Furthermore, with Fast Parking the parking is not only at low prices but all cars are constantly guarded and video monitored!

Low cost parking at Catania Airport

If you have ever looked at the rates on airport parking , you will certainly have realized that the parking spaces located in the immediate vicinity or in the inner area of the airport are really expensive. It is good to opt for a low cost car park in Catania that is still close to the terminals but with lower prices.

Long or short stop?

If you are looking for a short and momentary stop just to wait for a passenger to arrive or, vice versa, to accompany them to the airport, you can take advantage of the parking spaces inside the airport, namely P1, P2 and P3. If you need to leave your car longer, you should opt for Fast Parking instead. You can select an indoor or outdoor parking according to your needs. This solution will allow you to save a lot on the cost of parking but also to obtain a perfect solution for your departure.

Rates on parking spaces

As regards the car parks inside the airport and therefore P1, P2 and P3, the latter are official parking spaces where parking is completely free only for the first 15 minutes. After this period of time, the basic rates at the airport will be applied, ranging from € 2.00 to € 9.00 per hour. With Fast Parking, on the other hand, you will have a total daily cost at a very affordable price with many additional services included in the price!

How much does it cost to leave the car at the airport?

With Fast Parking Catania you can leave your car at Catania airport for only 4 euros per day. With the weekly promotion the cost can even drop to € 3.50.

The parking rates offered by Fast Parking are within everyone's reach. In this way, parking at the airport no longer becomes a problem. We obviously recommend that you book your parking space in advance by making the reservation directly online. In this way, upon arrival you will already have a reserved and insured parking space. No particular step is required for booking, simply fill in the form at the bottom of the page with the date relating to the parking.

Important information about Catania Airport Parking

Fast Parking Catania is located just 3 minutes from the airport. Our parking area is located precisely in Via Brucoli 2, in the close vicinity of Catania Fontanarossa. Each valet receives a 24-hour shuttle service included in the parking price. The shuttle is completely free and active at all hours of the day, ours is a very efficient parking with shuttle in Catania .

Once you have parked your car, our staff will immediately take care of assisting you in unloading your luggage and will accompany you directly to the departures area.

How to get there

To reach Fast Parking, just exit the Tangenziale by getting off the flyover. You will see a roundabout to the right of which there is a barracks. Here, you just have to turn left, go all the way along the tree-lined avenue and reach a second roundabout where there is a red plane. At this point you will have to turn right along the Parisi bar and after about 150 meters on the right side of the road you will find the entrance to the Fast Parking Catania car park.

You can in any case follow the directions of Google Maps and view the street by clicking here .

Once you have entered the car park and checked in the car, you will be immediately accompanied directly to the departures without having to walk any meter, thanks to our impeccable Shuttle Bus service active even at night which will also pick you up time of your return.

If you need to book a parking space at Catania airport, do it now! It will only take a few minutes! Fill out the form below now and get a free quote!

Parking at Catania Airport

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Do you need to book a parking space at Catania airport? Make your reservation online, or contact Fast Parking! We will be happy to provide you with any information!