Catania Airport Parking: how to book a parking space

Catania Airport Parking: how to book a parking space
Catania airport parking: rely on Fast Parking! Are you going to accompany someone to the airport? Or are you the one who has to leave? Depending on whether it is short or long term parking, there are different solutions for your parking.

Internal parking at Catania airport

The Vincenzo Bellini airport is made up of numerous internal or closely surrounding car parks. However, the car parks located at the airport are very chaotic and above all expensive. The main use of these parking spaces is related to the loading / unloading of passengers at the terminals. In this case we find the P1 and P2 car parks which are located near Terminal A and Terminal C.

Parking P2 and P1 Vincenzo Bellini Airport

Parking at Catania airport at P1 or P2 has a total cost of € 30 per day. As we have pointed out, airport parking spaces require large sums of money to occupy long-term parking. The internal car parks of the airport are set up specifically to ensure the flow of passengers and certainly do not incentivize parking attendants to leave the car there except for fast and narrow needs. If you are accompanying someone to the airport or are waiting for their return and then leave again, P1 could be a good solution. You would pay only € 3 per hour and then leave. If, on the other hand, you have to leave and you cannot afford to leave your car at the airport with € 30 per day, we recommend that you rely on much more valid solutions and look for a cheap and advantageous parking in Catania.
The car parks located near the Terminals are parking spaces used for short-term parking. However, you can leave your car in a safe and convenient parking lot near the airport. The important thing is always to know who to rely on to avoid nasty surprises both in terms of costs and in terms of safety and service.

Are you looking for a cheaper parking in Catania? Discover Fast Parking

The best alternative from every point of view is offered by the Fast Parking Catania parking company. Regarding Catania Airport Parking, Fast parking is really the most convenient solution. The parking company offers the possibility to leave the car in their internal and external parking space for only € 4 per day! Fast Parking is located about 3 minutes away from the departures area.
The three minutes away is easily compensated for by a completely free shuttle service! Fast Parking, in fact, accompanies its parking attendants for free at the departure point at the airport! If you are about to leave, you will not have to worry about finding any escort! You can comfortably leave your car in our car parks and leave independently for your business trip or holiday. The shuttle service operates at any time of day or night. If your departure is scheduled during a night time slot or early in the morning, Fast Parking will always be available to accompany you. Our operators will also help you unload your suitcases from the car to put them on the shuttle bus. When you return, just call and within a few minutes, the shuttle will be there again for you to take you back to where you left your car.

Video surveillance and covered parking spaces

Fast Parking's parking spaces are absolutely safe and protected. Access to the car parks is reserved exclusively for staff and parking attendants who reserve their parking space. There is no risk of damage or theft as the car park is fenced and always guarded. You can also decide whether to leave your car inside our covered car parks, or to leave your car outside.
All Fast Parking car parks, both external and internal, are equipped with a video surveillance system that is always active and totally free. You can leave from Catania airport in total tranquility with the security that your car is in a guarded parking lot, protected against any danger. For you and your car there are also a series of additional services that will make your departure even more relaxed. In fact, it is possible to request the car wash, its maintenance, refuel and, before departure, it is also possible to use our tools for weighing luggage. You will find all these services in our large parking area.

How to book a parking at Catania Airport

We have seen how Fast Parking Catania offers a complete parking service at Fontanarossa airport. In addition to the numerous advantages, it is important to enhance the convenience also in terms of costs that keep tariffs low, within everyone's reach and do not require extra costs of any kind for the service offered. If you are wondering how to book a parking space at Catania airport, just reserve a seat by making the online reservation in a few clicks. Just fill in the form below by entering the parking date and selecting the type of parking you want (eg outdoor or covered). You can easily complete your booking by entering your data.

What are you waiting for? Book now the cheapest parking at Catania airport ever!

Parking at Catania Airport

Parking in Catania - Contacts

Do you need to book a parking space at Catania airport? Make your reservation online, or contact Fast Parking! We will be happy to provide you with any information!