park at Catania airport

Catania airport offers a large area of official parking. But is it convenient to leave the car there?

Leaving from Catania can be really stressful when you don't know who to entrust your car to. Parking at Catania airport is actually not particularly difficult but there are some things you need to know in advance to choose the most convenient solution.

The Vincenzo Bellini airport of Catania offers a large area of official parking inside. The problem of parking in Catania is not contained in availability or safety but in prices. The parking spaces located inside the airport are comfortable, safe and close to the terminals but they are really very expensive.

If you want to leave without worries, you should know that you can park safely in Catania without necessarily having to spend a fortune. Around the airport you will find a large parking area located just three minutes from the airport. This is Fast Parking the low cost parking in Catania Fontanarossa!

Want to find out more? Continue reading the article and find out how to save on the cost of parking in Catania!

Which are the official car parks at Catania Fontanarossa airport

Catania airport has two terminals with different points of sale and passenger services. As for the parking area, Catania Airport offers a wide range of options for short or long stay.

The car parks from P1 to P5 are used for short-term parking while the P6 is a parking lot for extended stays. The car parks located in the terminal are mainly used for loading / unloading passengers. For the first 15 minutes, parking is always free. For example, if you are accompanying someone or are waiting for a passenger to arrive, you can temporarily leave the car without paying for parking (maximum 15 minutes).

Beyond this time limit, the car parks at Catania airport are really not very convenient and the rates reach around € 30 per day.

So, where should you park at Catania airport ? If you are looking for a valid parking alternative you should rely on Fast Parking! Our car parks are located about 500 meters from the airport (3 minutes with our shuttle) and offer a number of advantages over other parking options.

Services offered by Fast Parking:

Fast Parking is an inexpensive car park located near Catania airport. In addition to parking, we offer a series of additional services such as:

  • Service free shuttle h24 for our parking attendants;
  • Free video surveillance always active and monitoring of the entire parking area;
  • Refueling;
  • Weighing and luggage wrapping in protective film;
  • Car wash service;
  • Car Valet Service;
  • Choice of indoor / outdoor parking with advance booking.

We at Fast Parking offer the best parking rates at Catania Airport for your convenience and convenience. Our rates start at € 2.19 per day!

Parking at Catania airport with Fast Parking: how to book?

With Fast Parking you can park at Catania airport Vincenzo Bellini in a very simple way.

All you have to do is fill in the online booking form by entering the parking date. Finally, you will have to confirm everything by entering your data. During the booking process you can choose whether to book an external or internal parking, according to your needs.

What are you waiting for? Book now! Reserve your parking space now with Fast Parking Catania!

Parking at Catania Airport