The Italian airports are all open and functioning and flight operations are active and compliant with new prevention measures such as Termoscanner, periodic sanitization and more in-depth checks.In this regard, it is also useful to communicate the reopening of all airport services and surrounding activities.

In particular, it is important to remember that all activities must comply with a series of rules for their operation such as spacing, daily disinfection and the use of personal safety devices such as masks and disposable gloves.

As for parking, there are numerous car parks in which to leave your car but most of these are absolutely not official car parks and are therefore not very reliable.

For anyone who needs to stop at the airport, or anyone who accompanies or waits for a traveler and needs to leave their car and stop, it is necessary to be aware of the right information regarding the safe locations in which to store their car. Is it possible to park in the red covid zone? Can I go to the airport only for business departures? Where are the blue stripes located in Catania? Is there an alternative and more convenient parking? Here are some tips for stopping in Catania.

If you are departing or you need to stop at the airport, leave your car safe!

If you are looking for a car park near the airport, we recommend that you only rely on safe parking spaces that have implemented all the prevention measures and are constantly subject to sanitation and checks by the operators who deal with them.

There are many unofficial parking lots near the airport and often leaving your car to complete strangers could create many complications for you and your car. There are many unauthorized activities and parking lots that resort to unauthorized use and that do not apply any health and hygiene regulations capable of protecting your health.

Car parks are a place where the influx of people can be present in a more massive way, and it is important that the place where you leave your car is a safe place.

Choose a Safe and Low Cost parking with Fast Parking!

Among the numerous car parks present, we recommend that you rely on the safety of Fast Parking!

Fast Parking is a parking company located five minutes from Catania Fontanarossa airport. It is a certified car park with professionals in the sector at work.

Our range of car parks includes both external and internal parking spaces, both monitored and constantly under video surveillance.

The convenience of Fast Parking is not only found in the price and in its numerous low cost offers but above all in the safety offered to its customers.

Parking spaces sanitized and spaced

Fast Parking sanitizes the streets and car parks belonging to its establishment through professional techniques and the use of nebulizers capable of destroying germs and viruses.

Furthermore, it is important to underline that the vastness and space of our parking spaces guarantees you an interpersonal distance from any other parking attendant in your vicinity in order to guarantee a safe parking space and no interaction between subjects.

Park at Catania airport at low prices!

With the reopening of the airport, Fast Parking rejoices together with its customers, the resumption of its activities, applying numerous discounts and rebates on its services.

If you need to park at Catania airport you can contact us and book your parking with us or you can visit our website for any information.

If you are leaving and do not know where to leave your car, choose our parking! Fast Parking allows you to have a not indifferent comfort with a competitive price that includes many services, including one particularly important: that of the free shuttle, active 24 hours a day.

Our operators will be ready at any time to accompany you from your parking lot where you left your car, to the airport and vice versa, helping you to load your luggage.

Remember that booking online is the most comfortable and safe solution.

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By accessing our Home Page you simply have to enter the arrival and return date, select, if desired, any additional services for your car and confirm the payment which can be immediate or in cash upon your arrival.

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Parking at Catania Airport