Fusione tra l’aeroporto di Catania e Comiso

A single company to manage the airports: this is what will happen

Catania Airport and Comiso will merge to form a single company that will manage both airports. The project was already under development 4 years ago, before the pandemic.

As recently announced, a unique company will be established very soon that will be able to create a concrete synergy between Catania Fontanarossa and Comiso airport.

The protocol stipulated between Sac, Soaco, the municipalities of Catania and Comiso, was presented to the Palaregione by Governor Nello Musumeci, by the managing directors Nico Torrisi (Sac) and Rosario Dibennardo (Soaco) and by the respective mayors of the two cities, Salvo Pogliese and Maria Rita Schembari.

Since when will the merger of airports be operational?

The merger process between the two airports has already begun, the two airports will be managed as a couple through a process of "merger by incorporation".

Currently SAC Service is the service company of Catania Airport and its object is the management of airport traffic support structures.

The participants in the agreement explain that, within a couple of months, the management company of the Comiso airport Pio La Torre named "Soaco", will no longer exist. Comiso will become a shareholder of a percentage of the Sac.

The operation has long been discussed in order to allow greater economic and tourist development as well as, obviously, the enhancement of various Sicilian territories.

Why does Catania Fontanarossa join the Comiso airport?

The primary objectives of this project mainly concern airport efficiency . If the airports were managed by a single company, it would be much easier to coordinate the work of the operators, reduce costs and, above all, ensure passenger safety .

The Comiso airport will therefore become functional to that of Catania, allowing for better logistical organization. All in order to allow a greater flow of passengers both at the Vincenzo Bellini airport and at the Pio La Torre airport.

Passenger turnout and infrastructure improvement

Another element that affected the decision to merge the two airports is that in Sicily, there is a need to sort passengers who are mainly distributed at the major airports. In summary, it is also important to decongest the larger airports such as those of Catania and Palermo and give importance to minor airports such as that of Comiso.

Giving vitality to minor airports also means creating new realities that allow you to look to the future from a different perspective. Assuming a general increase in passenger traffic, we can also hope for a significant improvement in the infrastructure and all the services that the airport offers.