Is parking at the airport convenient?

The answer is it depends. If your stop is less than 15 minutes then yes. You can leave your car directly at the airport and pay nothing. Stops of less than 15 minutes are free. If your stop will last for several hours it is absolutely convenient for you to park your car at Fast Parking. The service is useful and very convenient. Our free 24-hour shuttle will take you directly to the terminal and pick you up on your return.

Below are our rates compared with those of Catania Fontarossa airport.

Price comparison between Catania airport and Fast Parking Catania

Catania Airport P3

From To Price
0 min 15 min. FREE
24 H 48 H € 39,00
48 H oltre 48 ore € 30,00 per day

FastParking Catania

From To Price
1 24 H € 4,00
24 H 48 H € 8,00
7 days 7 days € 25,00

Advantages and disadvantages

Direct parking at the airport

Advantages, for stops of less than 15 minutes you park your car directly at the airport, at no cost.

Disadvantages, the car is not guarded and for parking long the price is skyrocketing. From the car park you will also have to walk to reach the terminal.

Fast Parking:

Disadvantages, for stops of less than 15 minutes it is not convenient.

Advantages, the car is guarded, insured and video monitored, the shuttle service active 24 hours a day leaves you and picks you up directly at the terminal exit, the cost for 1 or more days of rental is very advantageous .